Postgraduate Studies Programme





The Department of Theatre Studies of the University of Patras announces the launch of the selection procedure of ten (10) postgraduate students in the context of the Programme of Postgraduate Studies in Theatre Studies. The programme is entitled “Ancient Greek Theatre and its reception”, It was founded by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religion upon decision of the Senate of the University of Patras 134/20-4-2018 ( [FEK]Greek Government Gazette 1575/8-5-2018 vol. Β΄).

Admitted to the Postgraduate Programme of Studies of the Department of Theatre Studies can be graduates of the Departments of: Theatre Studies; Philology; History and Archaeology; Classics; Philosophy; Philosophy-Education-Psychology; Departments of Primary Education and of Early Childhood Education in Schools of Education; the Departments of English, French, German, Italian Language and Philology; as well as of the respective departments of the Hellenic Open University. The abovementioned graduates may come from domestic Higher Education Institutes or from foreign recognized institutions of the same level, as well as from respective Departments of Technical Educational Institutes, if there any such.

1. Graduates of Greek Universities must know at least one international second language (English, French, German, Italian). Relevant certificates (i.e. Proficiency; DALF or Supérieur III or Sorbonne II; Kleines Sprachdiplom or Mittelstufe Deutsch as for the English, French, German languages etc., respectively) proving proficiency of the second language must be submitted. Should no certificate be submitted, fluency in the second language is assessed by a written exam in each language (translation of academic text written in a second language) so as proficiency in academic skills can be proven. The exam is conducted by a committee assigned by the Department’s Assembly. Foreign candidates should exhibit an adequate level in Greek. Proficiency in the Greek language is certified according to the relevant provisions.

2. The minimum length of the programme leading to the Master degree is four (4) academic semesters.

3. The written exam takes place in the second fortnight of September each year and is conducted by a three-membered committee assigned by the Assembly. Prior to this, the second language written exam takes place. Successful performance in the written exam is a prerequisite for taking part in the further procedure. The exam curriculum is assigned by the Assembly and can be reached here.

4. Candidates should submit to the Registry of the Department of Theatre Studies no later than the 15th September 2021 the following documents:

  • Application of acceptance submitted only electronically to the following address
  • Short curriculum vitae

  • Copy of degree

  • Transcript of records (assessments relating to each individual course)

  • Second language certificates (if available)

  • Documents of research or writing work (if available)

  • Copy of identity card or passport

Diplomas / degrees obtained from foreign Higher Education Institutes should bear recognition of equivalence by the Hellenic National Recognition and Information Center (DOATAP).

5. For the selection of students the following points are taken into account:
(a) written exam(40%),
(b) oral interview (30%),
(c) general grade of degree (10%),
(d) grades in those undergraduate courses pertinent to the postgraduate studies diploma (10%),
(e) any research or writing activity (10%).

Candidates who score in the written exam a minimum of five (5) on the decimal are eligible to attend an interview. Upon completion of the interview the candidate’s final score will result, after addition of the marks already received.

Interested parties may obtain relevant information from the Registry of the Department; telephone numbers 2610962908 and 2610962906, fax: 2610969366, e-mail:

Director of the Postgraduate Studies Programme

Professor Stavos Tsitsiridis