PhD Diploma

To qualify for admission into the postgraduate programme leading to PhD thesis, candidates should be holders of the Postgraduate Diploma of Studies of the Postgraduate Programme of Studies of the Department of Theatre Studies. This is generally a prerequisite for researching and writing a PhD thesis at the Department.

Holders of postgraduate studies’ diplomas from other Departments or Schools can also be accepted after a reasoned proposal by a member of the academic faculty of the Department and a decision arising therefrom, taken by the Department’s General Assembly. The General Assembly may assign additional responsibilities for attending postgraduate courses and/or exams in broader subject areas to those PhD candidates who already hold a relevant postgraduate diploma.

Finally, in the case of proven high level research work (either unpublished or in progress), it is possible, upon a reasoned decision taken by the Department’s General Assembly, that graduates who are not holders of a postgraduate diploma be accepted exceptionally.

Upon decision taken by the Department’s General Assembly, additional obligations for attending courses may be asked for from PhD candidates who are not postgraduate diploma holders.

PhD candidates should apply within 1-30 September and 1-28 February every year. Applications can be submitted electronically here.